The second "Moldavian Congress" is dedicated to the 665th anniversary of Moldavian statehood and the 80th anniversary of the republic's liberation from fascist occupation.
The "Moldavian Congress" is a socially significant national event, revived in 2023 with the aim of discussing the current situation and prospects for the socio-economic development of the country, defining the development strategy of multinational Moldova towards strengthening statehood, sovereignty, neutrality, territorial integrity, and the spiritual and moral foundations of the country.

Participants of the Congress include prominent public and political figures of the country, leaders of ethnocultural organizations and Moldavian diasporas, representatives of the clergy, figures in culture, arts, science, and education, business delegates, as well as editors and correspondents of national and international media.

An invitation to participate in the republican event will also be extended to representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the republic.

The first republican patriotic "Moldavian Congress — 2023" was held in honor of the 664th anniversary of Moldavian statehood and the 350th anniversary of the birth of the ruler of the Principality of Moldova, Dimitrie Cantemir. The event took place in the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau, on October 26, 2023.

More than 170 representatives of civil society and the expert community of different nationalities living in Moldova participated in the patriotic congress. The event was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the republic.

The organizer of the "Moldavian Congress" is the Public Council of Moldova.
The organizing committee of the "Moldavian Congress":
The organizing committee for the preparation and conduct of the event includes leaders and representatives of patriotic and ethnocultural organizations of the republic, among which are:
  • People's Movement "Save Moldova!"
  • Moldavian Historical and Geographical Society
  • Historical and Patriotic Movement "Pro-Moldova"
  • Public Council of Moldova
  • Union of Officers of RM
  • Union of Employees of Law Enforcement Agencies of Moldova
  • Organization of Veterans of the Border Service of RM
  • Public Organization "Cadet Brotherhood"
  • International Union of Free Journalists
  • Patriotic Organization "Republica"
  • Izborsk Club of Moldova
  • Expert Club "Strategy of Moldova"
  • Russian Community of RM
  • Belarusian Community of RM
  • Gagauz Community of RM
  • Ossetian Community of RM
  • Greek Diaspora (Society of Greek Culture "Elefteria" RM)
  • Roma Community (Coalition of Roma NGOs)
  • Public Association "Institutul Iudaic"
  • National Union of Students and Youth of Moldova
  • Moldavian Diaspora — Saint Petersburg Regional Public Organization for the Development of Moldavian Culture "Patria"
  • Moldavian Community of Voronezh Region, etc.
Questionnaire for those wishing to take part in the
First Moldavian Congress as a people's delegate:
1359 – year of formation of the Moldavian state
Officially, the history of Moldova as a state entity dates back to 1359. By that time, the lands where the statehood of the future Moldova was born, were under the rule of the Hungarian crown. In 1359, as a result of a rebellion against the Hungarian domination, an independent Moldavian principality emerged on this territory, headed by Bogdan I, who had previously been a voivode in Maramures.
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